They’re coming….

Water, Air, Fire, Earth. If not for the combined powers of these elements, the colony of Kunan would have been destroyed long ago. Trapped in the middle of a desert, the colony of Kunan is a structure of 5 domes protected from the harsh weather. The four branched domes represent the 4 Tribes of the colony the Feng, Diqiu, Huo, and Shui with the center dome: Mi uniting them. The Machines in the domes provide regular meal time supplements without maintenance, and, despite the surroundings, there is enough water to go around. Truly it is an oasis. If not for the night

At night the desert turns bitterly cold, frost creeping over the sand. A citizen can reach the perimeter, place their hand on the surface of the dome, and be frozen till morning. But it is not the weather that makes the night dangerous. Swarms of constructs patrol the land scouring the last colonies of this planet for signs of living matter, their sole aim to destroy it.

These constructs, the Patrol, can not be hurt by normal weapons. Cannons and large traps may damage them, but not efficiently enough to stop their numbers. It is up to the holders of the 4 weapons of Wu in the colony of Kunan to hold them off, lest the village be destroyed.


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