Flavor and Homebrew

Just some details to get out of the way of how some Homebrew and Flavor things will work in this campaign.

The weapons of Wu will be based on elemental enchanted weapons, you will equip THOSE to receive the accurate bonuses (including crit). You may pick any weapon regardless of element, and take a bonus feat in the proficiency to allow use of this weapon if it is not included in your class. The enchanted equivalents are as follows

Shui/Water- Frost Weapon

Feng/Wind- Lightning Weapon

Diqiu/Earth- Force Weapon

Huo/Fire- Flaming Weapon

The weapons of choice WILL gain the at will ability to change damage type, however the other power is up to the decision of the player. This power will need to be approved by the DM. The Weapons of Wu gain additional properties/powers when the player reaches level 11 and 21. The Enhancement bonus also rises at 11, 16, 21, and 26.

These weapons are alive and as such will be Roleplayed, while their personality will be detailed later, players other than the character wielding will be roleplaying. This will be decided by Clan

Shui will roleplay the weapon of Feng, Feng→Diqiu, Diqiu→Huo, Huo→Shui
The other element is that the machines here that work as shops will also be able to take your gold to convert it into skill tablets. When one eats a skill tablet, they may gain an additional feat. the level of the skill tablet (and thus the feat attained from it) are based on the amount of gold used

Heroic Tier- 5,000 gp
Paragon Tier- 10,000 gp
Epic Tier- 15,000 gp

Every 5 levels the party reaches will result in the price doubling.
All ritual casters will gain the free ritual: Conversion
Casting time is one minute, no cost, in this time the caster may convert as much as 100 gold into the reagent of their choice (besides residium)
Any character that attacks a construct, unless the DM says otherwise, without a weapon that has been stated to be able to harm them, will deal no damage. However, they will yield the effects of the attack (pushing, pulling, prone, etc)
While there is no established religion, the people of Kunan practice a life style similar to buddhism.
The tribes powers come from tapping into the power of a particular Chakra
(Anahata (Heart): Air
Manipura (Navel): Fire
Svadhisthana (Sacral): Water
Muladhara (Root): Earth)
This is the root of Primal and Arcane power. It is also why only certain tribes resonate with the Weapons of Wu which are attuned to the Chakras

Besides providing the basis for arcane and primal powers, one reaches other power sources by tapping into:
Sahasrara (Crown): Psionic
Ajña (Third Eye): Divine
Vishuddhi (Throat): Shadow

Flavor and Homebrew

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