Weapons of Wu

The weapons of Wu are attuned to the different chakras, this is why only certain tribes people can wield each weapon. When the previous member of the weapon dies, the weapon is presented to each citizen, the citizen who forces the blade to talk, is its owner.

Each weapon of the tribe has their own unique personality

Kamisui of Shui

Kamisui has the feminine personality, similar to that of a disapproving mother. She is discouraging, nagging, and rather high strung. She prefers women over men, and before now has not been wielded by a man. She makes her opinions rather obnoxiously clear

Lumioha of Feng

Lumioha is a great philosopher among weapons. He enjoys nothing more than a good poem. He likes to speak in riddles, but only if the situation is calm enough that this can be done without endangering his owner. He is overall helpful and open-minded

Kowareta of Diqiu

Kowareta thinks of itself as everyone’s best friend, sadly though he has one of the most grating personalities ever to exist. He will say he is helping you and insult you, all while making himself look good. He is loud and obnoxious

Agnishula of Huo

The two blades of Agnishula have a split personality. The right blade is heavily depressed and sadistic, the left very happy and merciful. They tend to argue a lot amongst themselves

Weapons of Wu

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